NATURALASH Professional Eyelash Extensions

Have the eyelashes you’ve always wanted with NaturaLash products applied by a certified technician.

Nataliya, a skilled eyelash stylist, will produce a totally natural or dramatic look that simulates Mother Nature’s best work.

  • Semi-permanent treatment that eliminates the need for mascara.
  • "Instant pretty" in the morning.
  • Adds length, thickness and fullness to your own eyelashes.
  • Great for special occasions and practical for everyday wear.
  • Developed by a Registered Nurse/Licensed Esthetician.
  • Certified cosmetic medical grade adhesives.
  • The industry standard since 2005.

Price List:

Everyday Beauty (150+ lashes per eye)


Glamorous Look  (300+ lashes per eye)


*Eyelash Refills: price per hour (one hour minimum)


Remove Lashes 


*To maintain the look of your lashes, refills are recommended every 2-3 weeks.  You may book a refill appointment if at least ½ your lashes remain.  If less than ½ your lashes remain you are no longer eligible for a refill appointment and must schedule a full set.


Volume Lash Extensions (3D lashes).

Russian Volume Technique Lash Extensions is the latest development in eyelash technology sweeping across the globe and a game changer in a beauty world.
With traditional lash extensions we could only safely attach one eyelash extensions to each of your natural lashes. This can be very disappointing if you have only a few natural lashes, yet desire a fuller look. Volume Lashes are designed to provide clients with the increased volume.
Volume Lashes are superfine and incredibly light, and 3-6 lash extensions can be applied per natural lash to create amazing volume on any type of eyelash. The lack of weight in the extensions also means that they are healthier for the natural lashes and with proper care, will generally last longer than classic eyelash extensions.
3D Lashes allow us to apply 300 plus lashes per eye, requiring a beauty session of approximately  two and a half hours.

Available upon request

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